A Woman Like Me

A Woman Like Me

About the Book

Inspired by real-life events, this is a gritty and dark crime thriller, telling of a warrior’s journey. The traveler on this journey is an of a one-of-a-kind disconcerting individual, a transgender, and biracial woman, who is isolated, lonely, and emotionally troubled, a stranger in her own body.

Her crimes of violence are at first, life-preserving, and later become opportunistic as she fights the obstacles that fuel her fear of returning to childhood misery. Our warrior begins her journey in a notorious prison in the Philippines where she is locked up for murder at a young age, with the belief that she will not survive. She is noticed by the prison’s warden and selected to fight in the Muay Thai underground prison circuit, where prison and government officials conduct rigged fights for betting purposes.

When a promised journey outside of the Philippines allows her to leave the prison with her warden, she escapes to Bangkok, transitions sexes, and lives, and works in the district infamous for the tourist sex trade. Seeking to find her father, an ex-serviceman, she comes to the United States to begin her search. Here through misrepresentation, and overcoming countless obstacles, she becomes a police officer, and her new identity leaves her living her life in turmoil, struggling to find where she belongs in a field ruled by toxic masculinity, corruption, and cruelty. She attempts to exact justice for victimized children who have been cast aside by the system. 


“If you’re going to write a long fiction crime thriller, you’d better make sure of three things: you have a really great plot, gripping characters, and most important of all, the skill to create a true page-turner. Well, Francine Rodriguez certainly followed that mandate in A Woman Like Me. What a read…so riveting that I nearly missed a doctor’s appointment when I couldn’t put the book down!”

– Viga Boland for Readers’ Favorite

Kept you anticipating…the pace of the story did not let up, thoroughly engrossing and anticipate her next novel.

– Cynthia Lopez

Francine approached the subject with sensitivity. I found that her story had a lot to say that crossed genders and sexual orientations.

– Roxanne Udarbe Linwood

The writing keeps you in suspense throughout the protagonist’s complex and painful journey through crime, death, and family.

– Cale Rodriguez

The author vividly describes in-depth the main character of the story and her journey and the cast of characters she meets in his journey to survive.

– Robert Gasca

“A Woman Like Me” takes the reader on a journey, a struggle, a discovery. It does this in much the same way as life does; gradually and almost inexorably.

– Tony Rodriguez

The read became a real page-turner that kept you anticipating the next adventure she would throw herself in.

– Enrique Ramos