The book kept my interest from page to page. It was written in a style that described the characters in such realistic form that it allowed your mind to picture them in your imagination. The author
has a creative personal perspective that flows through her writing.

Cynthia Lopez | The Fortunate Accident | Amazon

Gripping and as realistic as it gets. As an attorney, I found myself in the plot shadowing the characters. Indeed, the events in the book eariky reminded me of all to real events and people that have crossed my path during my 14 years of practice. Fantastic read and looking forward to the next book…

scslegal | The Fortunate Accident | Amazon

The writing keeps you on the line and in suspense throughout the protagonist’s complex and painful journey through crime, death, and family. I recommend this novel to anyone interested in the underside of justice that we never see up close, and to anyone who wants a view of society from the outside looking in.

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Viga Boland | A Woman Like Me | Reader’s Choice
  • A Woman Like Me
  • The Fortunate Accident
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A Woman Like Me is a dark and gritty warrior’s journey of a one-of-a-kind protagonist.  This story of a bi-racial, transgender woman, begins with her imprisonment in the Phillippines for murder where she becomes a Muay Thai fighter in the prison circuit and follows her to Bangkok, and then to New Orleans.  After overcoming numerous obstacles and joining the police department, she experiences first-hand the cruelty and corruption of the justice system.  While becoming a willing participant, and turning a blind eye to what she sees, she tries to bring attention to the victimization of children and becomes the target of the people she tries to expose.

Author Francine Rodriguez

Francine Rodriguez, Author

My name is Francine Rodriguez, and I am an author, but I wasn’t always an author. I grew up in and around the skid row area of downtown Los Angeles. Later, I worked as a Civil Rights and Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator in the Federal sector. Altogether, before becoming Francine Rodriquez, Author, I worked in the fields of law and psychology for over thirty years. It is my experience as a professional in those fields that informs my writing.

Throughout my career, I have had the good fortune to meet and spend time with people from all walks of life. My work has provided me with countless opportunities to witness human behavior and to learn about the motivations of love and loss and how they affect individuals’ behavior and prompt people to walk unique paths through the universe. I tell the stories that live inside us all, and endeavor to express our collective human values and identities. My stories often tell of pain and despair, but they also tell of celebration and triumph. I write fiction inspired by true events, and it is my privilege to share these extraordinary stories.

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