Front cover for Francine Rodriguez' upcoming short story collection. Many multi-colored women's heads in silhouette are dotted around a beige background. The title A Woman's Story, and the author's name, Francine Rodriguez appear in a slanted, stylized font.

A Woman’s Story

A collection of short stories

by Francine Rodriguez
978-1-948692-60-1 paper 19.95
978-1-948692-61-8 ebook 9.99
5½ x 8½, 294 pp.
August 2021

A Woman’s Story tells the stories of Latina women’s lives. Depicting conflict in gender bias, experiences of exploitation, violence, and powerlessness, sometimes resulting in pain and despair in their turbulent world.  But these stories also tell of these women’s celebration of life itself that empowers them and gives them the will to sustain. These stories resonate on a deeply emotional level.

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“Finding my Father” does not appear in A Woman’s Story, but it is set in the same time and place, and carries the same authorial voice. It works as a great introduction to the world Francine writes about.


“Smiley and the Laughing Girl” By Francine Rodriguez


We love Rodriguez’s honest, down to earth, totally unaffected style and her deep investment in her characters. The story falls under the classification of ‘dirty realism’ (with a feminist slant) but in the end it resists any kind of definition. All we can call it is ‘good writing’.

Fleas On The Dog, Vol 7

Wow! Once again author Francine Rodriguez proves that she is the eyes and ears of Latina Realism. Her series of short stories in A Woman’s Story draws on her inner-city life experiences, revealing extraordinarily provocative vignettes of love, sex, violence, and injustice. Francine’s vivid descriptions of the lives of women as heroines and as victims stir all one’s emotions. My soul is aroused by her captivating imagination portrayed in the half-fiction, half real-life personalities. ¡Bien hecho!

—Rocky Barilla, International Society of Latino Authors, author of Esmerelda

Through a brutally honest approach, Rodriguez’s words guide you on a timely and unfiltered expedition of the contemporary social landscapes Latinx women traverse in the U.S. in the early 2000s. Her writings explore the delicate and very real balancing act they must display being the human at the center of frenzied collisions in culture, community, socio-economics, sexuality, and gender. Often gentle, and painful, the intensity of her stories shine through with the same intensity with which Latinx women must face society in today’s America.

—Nikolas Gonzales, World History Adj. Professor, World History Department- Bunker Hill Community College, and author of Moraga Deconstructed: Illuminations in Mexican-American Heritage