A Woman Like Me Review by Viga Boland

Reviewed By: Viga Boland Review Rating: 5 Stars – Congratulations on your 5-star review! Reviewed By Viga Boland for Amazon If you’re going to write a long fiction crime thriller, you’d better make sure of three things: you have a really great plot, gripping characters, and most important of all, the skill to create a true page-turner. Well, Francine Rodriguez certainly followed […]

A Woman Like Me Review by Robert x Gasca

Reviewed By: Robert X Gasca Review Rating: 5 Stars I found the book an excellent read and highly recommend it.The book begins with the birth of the main character in the slums of Manila.The author vividly describes in depth the main character of the story and his journey and the cast of characters he meets in his journey to survive, […]

A Woman Like Me Review by Tony Rodriguez

Reviewed By: Tony Rodriguez Review Rating: 5 Stars – A Hell of a Tale! Reviewed by Tony Rodriguez for Amazon “A Woman Like Me” takes the reader on a journey, a struggle, a discovery. It does this in much the same way as life does; gradually and almost inexorably. The reader is swept up in the protagonist’s events, struggles, victories, […]

Prime Time

                                      On Friday the 13th, I was doing some shopping and got tired walking partway around the mall, (something that seems to happen a lot more often now).  The mall, or even the smallest portion of it, zaps more of my energy than the mile and a half I walk my dog every day. I sat down on […]

Does Everyone On The Right Think The Same?

I was looking at an old posting that showed Ellen DeGeneres with former president, George Busch, watching a football game.  They looked relaxed and friendly, just like old friends would look, hanging out together. The photo brought to mind the year 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana and the negligence and indifference of the administration at that time brought to […]