A Woman Like Me Review by Robert x Gasca

Reviewed By:

Robert X Gasca

Review Rating:

5 Stars

I found the book an excellent read and highly recommend it.The book begins with the birth of the main character in the slums of Manila.The author vividly describes in depth the main character of the story and his journey and the cast of characters he meets in his journey to survive, using his wits,which tend to lead to violence.

He is incarcerated for murder as a teenager. The author continues the character development as begins his real education,where he is introduced to kick boxing and thru a chance encounter with a tranny inmate comes to a self realization that he wants to change genders.
The story line details his escape from prison and his eventual trip to New Orleans, in search of his birth father.

She joins the New Orleans Police and joins Blue Fraternity The story of her venture in the police force,is a clever adaption from a true case of murder by a female police officer in New Orleans.The story concludes with the protagonist moving to Los Angles,to escape.People that like fiction,will enjoy this novel.