A Woman Like Me Review by Daniella Poloni

Reviewed By:

Daniella Poloni

This is a thriller unlike one that I have read before. Its unique themes that track through an entire lifetime make the reader intrigued each step of the way. From the beginning, we see how trauma and questionable childhood situations lead to a life full of equally questionable choices and considerable identity issues. What makes this novel even more gripping is that it is based on true events. It is so difficult to imagine having a life as complex and vast as the protagonist’s. From one country to another, from one disappointment to another, and from one bad experience to another, the reader is brought along a journey that will shock them. At times, I found myself taking a moment to ponder what I had just read simply because I could not believe what had just happened. It is rare for a book to leave me speechless but this one succeeded.

There are a lot of well-developed characters and plots in this novel. It could have been so easy to lose threads along the way but Rodriquez skillfully writes in a way that is very clear and keeps everything fresh in the reader’s mind. Keeping in mind that this takes places over a lifetime, it is highly impressive to have such a clear vision about how person the protagonist encounters fits into the overall picture.

One of the strengths is the emotional aspects that the readers feel along with the anti-hero. Ultimately, each decision made is a call for a place to belong and a reason to find identity. The readers feel each rejection and disappointment that comes her way. Another strength is the sexual politics and discriminations played out at different stages in the main character’s lifetime. It is a real account of how women are treated in life and how much it affects identity.

This is certainly a page turner and I would suggest it for any thriller fans because of its unique themes.