No Dog In The Fight

Four women testified in this week’s impeachment hearing, culminating with the testimony of Fiona Hill, a former top Fiona Hill, a former top White House expert on Russia. Ms. Hill was called to testify as part of the investigation into whether Trump abused his power for political gain. During her testimony, Jackie Spear, the congresswoman from California, asked her whether […]

Yesterday or Today

I was reading over some comments made about what happened in Charlottesville last year. Some of them expressed surprise at the notion that the Nazi platform is alive and well today in the U.S. even though Adolf Hitler is dead. These comments made me wonder; what is it like to be a Nazi in 2019? Research indicates that there are […]

Evolving Halloween

                                 Evolving Halloween Thursday night about six-thirty, as soon as it was getting dark on my street, I set out my three carved jack lanterns strategically, so they would lead the trick or treaters off the sidewalk and down the path to my house.  I poured a few bags of candy into two aluminum pots for my daughter, dressed […]