Who Chooses The Rulers

Who Chooses The Rulers They’re still complaining about the Game of Thrones in my family.  In my observation, they’re downright bitter.  I watched the series too, not from the very beginning the way they did; but I picked up later.  I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.  I had to admit it held my interest from the […]

Their Silent Language

A few years before my mother died in 2001, I was visiting her for her birthday. She told me that since it was her eightieth birthday, she was going out to eat with her friend that afternoon.  She pronounced the name of her friend; it was an Armenian name, and I don’t think she pronounced it correctly, because she always […]

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They Say Write About What You Know I first read Toni Morrison’s work in the early seventies.  I think the first book I read written by her was The Bluest Eye. I read it twice in succession, because it was one of the first books that I read which cast a new light on a particular human experience dealing with […]